Lexmark Pro915 How to Change Ink Cartridges or Printhead

Lexmark Pro915 How to Change Ink Cartridges or Printhead

Hey guys this is a Lexmark Pro915 series printer all-in-one inkjet. We’re going to show you how to replace ink cartridges. That basically works for any encourages that our Lexmark 100 or Lexmark 150 and same thing for the printhead.

We’re gonna show you how to remove the ink cartridges to replace them and also how to replace or remove the printhead.

How to Change Ink Cartridges or Printhead Lexmark Pro915

So first the simple step it’s the same process for all all-in-one inkjet from Lexmark, we’re just gonna go to the home menu and you don’t have to be there but you’re gonna open the front cover, the top cover and you see cartridges right here on the left.

This is easy access for you to replace the ink cartridges. So the screen already show you see instructions on how to remove everything from the new cartridges and so on and then put them in here.

So remove it make sure you, so you’re gonna press this tab back and just pull the ink cartridge out. On the new one make sure you remove all the yellow and the plastic like orange or yellow plastic pieces here, so you have air flow into the ink cartridge when it prints.

So in order to put it back you’re going to put the closer side first in, like so and then snap it in there on that side, and that same thing for each cartridge.

To remove remove the printhead as you can see we weren’t able to do it from there. but I’ll just show you in a minute when the printer goes to the home page or you take it to the home page.

You’re gonna go to the ink icon here that shows the ink levels, you’re gonna select more options and then you’re gonna select replace printhead, and then told you to open the front cover again, and the printhead or the carriage will slide over to the middle.

That gives you better access of the whole thing here. So you’re gonna press this tab here, you’re gonna push it away like that, and then remove the whole printhead with all the ink cartridges.

To put it back in same same process pretty much if you were if you pulled it out and then you bought new one or you clean this one. If you don’t have a printhead in there this will just like to the middle no matter what.

Because the printer is waiting for a printhead, so you’re just gonna put it in, like so and then you can put the new cartridges in or use the used ones. But this is pretty much the simple replacement process for printhead and ink.

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