Nice Reasons to Buy the Instax Mini 11

Talking about the latest polaroid camera trends, there are a lot of people who were stuck to the same model over and over again. It is not a bad thing since most of them were stuck with Fujifilm as one of the best polaroid camera manufacturers. However, if you want to find something quite new, you can easily try the Instax Mini 11 from Fujifilm. It is because you can read the review here about how well this polaroid camera performs. If you want to know, there are some nice reasons why this camera should be your first priority over some other similar polaroid cameras that you can find at the store. Here are some of those reasons.

Nice Plastic Body

It is true that things made of plastic is usually a bit low in quality. However, that is not something applied on this camera from Fujifilm. The reason is because this camera gives you the high quality plastic material for its main body. As the result, you will not need to worry about its weight when you are taking this camera anywhere that you want. You can also check it here if you want to know how nice the plastic build of this camera is.

Easy Instax Mini Film

You need to know that this camera is considered as the new and the latest model of Instax Mini from Fujifilm. Even though, you do not need to worry about the film that you need to use if you want to use this camera. The reason is because Fujifilm uses the same size of film for most of their Instax Mini camera series. As the result, you can easily get the film that you need if you want to take pictures using this camera. Of course, there are some polaroid cameras that are using the different film size. However, this Instax Mini 11 is not one of them.

Decent Price for Decent Quality

The last but not least is the decent price for decent quality. The meaning of decent price is that the price is not too expensive. On the other hand, the meaning of decent quality is that the quality is something that will never disappoint you. That is why this great instant camera is becoming one of the best instant cameras that you can get at the market. The average price of this camera is around 70 to 80 only, but the performance and quality is in par with many other polaroid cameras with 100-dollar tag.